Trustworthy Research Paper Topics for College

When you are assigned a research paper project in college, your primary goal is to create a new understanding of a topic by answering a specific question. But many students struggle to come up with research paper ideas they want to write about.

Here’s a short list of trustworthy research paper topics you can explore to develop your own ideas:

  • Abstinence Programs: How effective are abstinence programs? What changes can be made to current programs so that more teenagers get involved?

  • Africa: Why are there so many civil wars in violence in different African nations? Is this a problem of the international community or should leading nations around the globe remove themselves from a position of help?

  • Censorship: Should parents have the power to censor textbooks and other types of literature for children and teenagers in schools or should this power be reserved by individual states?

  • Felons and voting: Should felons keep voting rights on all or some issues or if convicted on certain types of crime? What steps can be introduced to pave the way for a return of these rights?

  • Internet regulations: Should the federal or individual state governments have that right to regulate information that is available over the internet? Should the internet be regulated in any way?

  • Health care crisis: Universal health coverage exists in many developed nations around the world. Why has the United States struggled for so long to have a universal health system in place? What changes need to be made so that the current system improves?

  • Marijuana legalization: With more U.S. states gaining momentum in favor of legalizing marijuana, should the federal government legalize the use of the drug nationwide and regulate its sale?

  • Models and body image: Should the U.S. have a minimum age and weight limit for young models? If so, what message would this send in terms of body image?

  • Paparazzi: Should the paparazzi be limited in anyway (e.g., no photos of children)? Or does the right for free press cover their profession?

  • Pornography: Are parental filters of internet material effective in curbing access to pornography by minors? Or does censorship actually increase curiosity and use of pornography?

These are just a few ideas to help you get started in coming up with a good research topic. All of these are still too broad and need to be narrowed to focus on just a single subtopic. The more focused your research the easier time you will have in generating interesting content.