The 11 Most Creative Research Paper Topics For College

Creativity is of the essence when it comes to the writing of the research paper tasks. There are several other important things as well, which must be critically considered by the students. The other important things include the selection of the topic, structuring your paper, writing tone, writing format, examples inclusion, paraphrases, formatting and loads of research work to be done. Research work is the most challenging part at which most of the students struggle. They need to give it extra time and should consider the sources for reference which are reliable and authentic. The teachers are very strict about the reliability of the sources and will definitely countercheck each of the sources that you have referenced in the bibliography. Further, they are also very strict about plagiarized content and if your work has crossed a certain allowable limit for plagiarism, then you will get penalized. Your grades will drop considerably and in the worst cases you might also need to do all your term paper again. The students can use the plagiarism checker tool which will help them with the stats that how much their work is plagiarized. It should be well within the tolerance limit which most of the universities is about 5 percent and even less. Then, it comes to the topic selection which is as important as any other thing related with the task that you are doing. It must be carefully chosen by considering all the quality aspects.

The top 11 topics for writing a research paper:

The following is a list of the top 11 topics that you can easily choose for writing your own term paper:

  1. What can be the genuine reasons for considering abortion?
  2. Is the use of no dress code or uniform in school some sort of discrimination?
  3. Drug, alcohol and Pregnancy – Your take?
  4. Are schools responsible if the student isn’t good with his behavior?
  5. How can the generation gap be filled by the parents?
  6. Is credit card the best alternate to stop street theft?
  7. What is the most dangerous side effect of using the internet?
  8. What is the reason between different standards in private and government hospitals?
  9. What are the dangers associated with prolonged exposure to natural light?
  10. Is love marriage the best way of getting married?
  11. Is AIDS still an incurable disease?
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