Ten Amazing Topic Ideas For Your Next Research Paper

When you write a research paper, you want to make sure to have a unique idea about your topic. You do not necessarily have to have some completely original idea that has never been had by anyone. In fact, that is exactly what you don’t want. Do you know why? Well, how can you research a wholly original idea?

Good research papers are born out of good topics. What is impotent when you try to strategize a topic is to pick something that

  • You have a strong interest in
  • You know a good bit about it already
  • You have a strong interest in learning more about the topic
  • That there’s plenty of recent research about it
  • And that you know all the elements of a good, quality research paper.

Why You want to pick something You have a strong interest in learning more about

No one wants to spend a lot of time reading about a subject that doesn’t interest them at all, do they? Instead, what I do is to pick something I’ve been wanting to learn a lot more about someday when I had time. For example, I heard something on the news the other day about new discoveries in dolphin intelligence. Then I caught the tail end of some new discussion about new findings in dolphin communication.

Now, I’ve been wanting to learn more about this topic for years. And I know a little about dolphins, being that they’re my favorite animal. So, I would choose that. Animal topics are always interesting, for animal lovers, and animal lovers are plentiful, so I can be sure of a riveted audience if I write well.

For me, now, the reading will be fun, informative, and above all, EASY to do.

I would read through recent journal articles and good quality webpages from .org sites related to science, say national geographic and respected marine biology sites.

Here are some great, quality topics that are interesting to write about and, if you’re interested in these areas, would be fun to research as well

  1. The List of Endangered Species: Species that Will Soon Become Extinct Unless Solid Action is Taken Now
  2. What we Can Do To Ensure Polar Bear Life, if not Forever, For at least The Next Millennium
  3. Will there Be Animals in the Future: Not If We Do Not Change Now.
  4. Interesting Facts About Dolphin Communication
  5. New Findings in Just How Intelligent Cats Are
  6. New Findings in Dog Intelligence: Yes, They’re Smarter than Apes
  7. New Findings in Chimpanzee Intelligence: The Missing Link?
  8. What We Can Do To Better Take Care of Our Pets
  9. What we Can Do To Help Animal Shelters Stay in Business
  10. Eating Vegetarian: Is it Really Healthier?
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