Where To Obtain A Research Paper Proposal In The APA Format For Free

Most of the time, you will be asked to present a research paper proposal. It is a paper that you will have to write proposing a topic for your upcoming research paper. In this document, you will not only have to present the topic that you wish to write your paper on, but you will also have to summarize and present the sources that you plan on using in your study.

Most schools require that you write your paper in a specific format. This is for two main reasons. One is that they want every student to be graded on the content of their piece and not the format that they chose to use to present it. Another reason is that they want to have a standard set so they can assign a certain amount of pages instead of a word count. It is a lot easier to judge where you are in a paper and write a paper based on page numbers than it is on a word count. If you don’t set a font style and size to use, some students may take advantage of the situation and use a larger font which will result in a shorter paper. Here are some great places to find a research paper proposal in the APA format.

  • Professional writing site

  • Professional writing sites display examples to get people to their site. You can get an example from one of these sites in the APA format that you can use as a guide. These examples have likely been reviewed for accuracy because they are what attracts people to their site so that they can make money, so they wouldn’t want them to have errors.

  • How-to site

  • Instructional websites are a great resource for finding examples as well. You will learn how to develop your research paper proposal and see an example. It is one of the best ways to show how to format this type of paper, so most how-to sites will include an example along with a step by step guide that shows you exactly how to do it.

  • Formatting guide

  • If you can obtain a copy of the APA formatting guide, there are examples in their as well. They explain how to complete the piece and offer examples to help explain how it is done. It is a great resource because you are taking the information directly from the source.

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