Coming Up With Interesting Research Paper Argument Topic Ideas

Argument topics attempt to convince the reader of the writer’s views on a particular topic and that their view is better than someone else’s. Stirring the emotions of your readers is not that tough a job. Read on to find a list of the best argumentative research paper ideas:

  1. Internet Censorship
  2. The first amendment does not protect all free expression. There needs to be some sort of legislature in place to police and censor content on the internet.

  3. Man Versus Woman
  4. Men are better at something than women. Or vice versa. Mention that and watch the sparks fly. This argument has been around for ages and that is why it makes for such a good research topic. History is replete with for and against arguments. Happy researching!

  5. Death row Inmates
  6. Animal testing is an abomination that needs to be stopped. Furthermore, animal testing is not that useful when developing products or medicines for humans as tests on humans inevitably follow. We should stop using animals for testing and use death row inmates instead.

  7. Euthanasia
  8. Terminally ill patients should have the right to die. The end of life should be physician assisted and legal when the terminally ill patient has provided written consent.

  9. Who should become parents
  10. The state or courts should have the right to ban career criminals or anti-social people from having children. This will prevent the social nuisance of problem families and prevent the children from having to live through a horrible childhood.

  11. Family Court
  12. Fathers should be afforded the same treatment as mothers when deciding on custody matters. Why is family law so geared towards women?

  13. Small Business versus Large Business
  14. When it comes to deciding between the rights of a small versus big business, preference should be given to the big business. After all, the bigger business generates more money for the economy, creates more jobs and therefore, helps more people.

  15. Home Schooling
  16. Home schooling leads to social exclusion for the child and only benefits the parent’s need to have an influence in their child’s life. It is a practice that should be banned and all children should attend public schools.

  17. Drug testing and Privacy
  18. Every person has a fundamental right to privacy. Drug testing at the workplace violates this right and should be disallowed.

  19. Plastic Surgery
  20. Plastic surgery is a legitimate medical procedure and should be covered by insurance.

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