Where to get interesting research paper sources

There are various options to consider when it comes to research paper sources. You can choose websites, books, magazines, journals, and more. The key is understanding which sources are credible and provide information you need. You should be selective with your options in order to find interesting details for your research. Other times you need to consider thinking outside of the box to find intriguing information for your topic. The following points are basic ideas on where to seek potential research paper sources.

The Internet

The internet has thousands of websites you can consider for your topic. You should take time to review potential sites and note their credit worthiness. This will vary depending on your topic and field of study. You should also review sites to avoid if the provide information that is outdated, false, or misleading. Websites to consider include those of magazines, newspapers, scholar databases (great for reviewing previously completed research papers and studies), and popular search engines. Aside from print data you can consider videos, charts, and graphs.

Databases that provide works completed by other scholars may be seen as a source category all on its own. While it can be accessed over the internet, some argue a database is not actually a website, but more a collection of well-organized material available for research purposes. This is because most of the information provided is cited from other sources while being available in a different format. Contents found here are considered highly reliable.

The Library

This is a common source for research paper needs, but some students may not realize the vast amount of sources available. There are different libraries to consider including your school library and local library branches in your area. You can view reference books such as dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, books, and microfilm which include using a special machine to read printed information on the film. Many archived items such as news print content from older newspapers and magazines can be found here. Journals are available and they provide in-depth content on various topics.


This can provide some interesting information on different levels. You may be required to conduct an interview with someone that works in your field of study related to your project. You may get leads on how to complete something related to your work, or get a quote to include from a reliable professional source.

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