Looking for College Level Research Paper Topics on the Web

There is an abundance of web sites that can offer suggestions for college level research topics. Actually there are so many that, it could be very hard to make a decision.

Many of the web sites will offer broad suggestions that are then followed by a question that you may like to use as a suggestion to provide more of a pinpoint for your paper.

For example if you took the field of Art, some suggestions could be:

  • When is Art not really art?
  • Pieces of Art that are placed in the TATE MODERN in London, are they truly representative of fine art?
  • Is street art (Graffiti), really art or is it an act of vandalism?
  • Does the work of BANKSY compare to REMBRANDT?

The important thing here is. Yes you can find a lot of interesting topics for college research papers on the web, but does the topic enthuse you to enough sustain your interest to not just write a paper on it but to write it in such a way that you can engage your reader throughout your work.

You may need a plan!

  1. Initial research:

    • Pick your area of study.
    • Define your area of interest.
    • Check out the ideas on the web. There are several good websites that will meet your requirements.
    • Make a note of some of the ideas and questions.

  2. Focus on some of the topics:

    • Pick out 4 or 5 that you feel are of interest.
    • Make notes for each of the topics you have chosen
    • Brainstorm each topic; allow yourself 10 minutes for each.
    • Look carefully at the information you have on each topic.

  3. Make choices

    • Choose two of the topics that you feel are of interest and you have some good ideas about.
    • Read through the information that you have on each of the topics.
    • Are you favoring writing about one in particular? If so go to the next stage.
    • If you cannot decide or feel that you don’t feel strongly enough about either of the topics, go back to the web site and have another look. Make a new set of choices.

  4. Start Planning.

    • If you have your topic, start deciding what you need to find out to support your work. Make a list.
    • Make sure that you are giving a balanced view of the topic.
    • Plan out your Introduction, body and Conclusion.
    • Keep rereading your work and produce a draft.

At this point if you still have interest in the topic you have chosen the right one.

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