How to Come Up with Unique Politics Term Paper Topics: Tips & Examples

Politics is one of the subjects that everyone has an opinion on. It also moves at a very quick speed with changes and discoveries every single day. There are an enormous amount of topics on the subject. Just remember to discuss both sides if possible, never to get too emotional, and to always use dates since the subject evolves so quickly. Here are some great topics and tips for your essay:

Topics, Tips, and Examples

  • Keep the paper formal
  • Never take sides
  • Consider exploring different politicians
  • Explain the how the Federalists and Anti-Federalists have changed
  • The birth of the Tea Party
  • Who is Sarah Palin and the error of underestimating Her
  • Did the Email scandal dash Clinton’s dream of being president
  • Did Obama Care really work and why or why not
  • Know whether the teacher wants MLA or APA
  • Seek out professors, newspaper writers, and politicians for expert support in your essay
  • What would Thomas Payne think of America
  • Hanging chads and the Bush election
  • What do people want in 2016
  • Term limits-pros and cons

Once you have selected the perfect title, you will need to do a few things before you can actually begin to write. First of all you will want your teacher to approve your topic. Then you will want to construct a solid thesis statement. Decide how many main points you want and make sure there is support for each of your ideas. Remember; do not ever get too emotional. Find out when your due dates are and the specific instructions for the paper. Some things to consider:

  • Will it be MLA or APA
  • Will you need a working and final outline
  • Will you use a topic or sentence outline
  • Are you allowed to only use certain fonts
  • Always double space
  • Have one inch margins
  • Cite all of your sources
  • Make sure to have a Works Cited or a Bibliography
  • Will you need a final and rough draft of your writing
  • Will you need to turn in hard copies of your sources or just provide the teacher with links

If you follow all of these tips and suggestions, make sure you adhere to the teacher’s instructions, never miss your deadlines, and have a solid topic and thesis statement, you are well on your way to writing an A+ paper for your Politics class.

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