10 Controversial Topic Questions for Research Papers

Maybe the professor has requested that the student choose a controversial topic. Maybe it’s simply that the student will find writing about something controversial to be more interesting or engaging than a less controversial topic. Whatever the reason, there’s plenty to be said for writing about something a little more incendiary. Here are ten of the most controversial topics students can write about—and most can be tailored to fit a variety of subjects.

  1. Abortion

    Probably the most controversial topic of them all, depending on the stance the student takes and the audience that will be reading the paper. This is one of those topics where both sides think the other is almost evil, which makes it a great topic for someone who wants to stir things up.

  2. The Death Penalty

    With a little research, both sides of this argument can become very compelling—that, combined with the controversial nature of state sanctioned killing, makes this one a hot potato.

  3. Gun Control

    A constitutional right up against a known and recognized danger… Gun control can make anyone hot under the collar.

  4. Animal Rights

    Animal rights might not sound so controversial at first, but when the student begins to delve into what exactly people consider rights are, whether or not they should be granted to animals, and even what the definition of “humane treatment” is, they’ll find this is actually one of the stickier topics on this list.

  5. The Existence of God

    In a philosophy, theology, or religion class, this one is bound to get people to sit up and pay attention. But to keep this one as controversial as possible, the student should take a strong position one way or the other. Being at all wishy washy turns this one from fireworks to yawns.

  6. Fundamentalist Religions

    A student can pick one, or they can take on fundamentalism in a variety of forms. Either way, there’s a lot of controversial subtopics here. For example, if a religious tradition leads to restrictions on women, how people dress, etc, should it even be allowed in free countries? Or should freedom of religion and cultural tolerance trump the distasteful side?

  7. Euthanasia

    Do we have the right to end our own lives?

  8. Welfare

    Who deserves help, how much, and for how long?

  9. Evolution in Schools

    Should creationism and evolution be taught side by side—or at all?

  10. Prostitution

    What are the ethical reasons for prostitution to be legal? Illegal?

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