How to Write a Short Term Paper in 2 Days

Students are experts at procrastination, especially college students. Since so many students do not like to write papers, many of them put them off until the day or two before they are due. This creates a big problem when students realize that they have to write a term paper in 48 hours or less. Even though this seems like a completely impossible task, rest assured that students have done it before and they have succeeded. (Although, it is not a recommended action to take). Here are a few tips to get the term paper done in two days:

  1. Choose a broad topic that you like. At this point, your topic can be one work, like “sports” and you can narrow it down later in the day. When you begin to research the topic, you will see subtopics that will steer you in a narrower direction.

  2. Start to research. This is a two-part plan. You are conducting research to reduce the size of your topic and to actually find research you can use for your term paper. Since you do not have much time, you should combine steps. Keep all of the research you use with your until you finish the actual paper.

  3. Formulate a thesis and an outline. These two go hand-in-hand. Your thesis is the main idea for the paper. Since you already have research that you want to use that lead you to the thesis, there is nothing wrong with writing the rough outline as soon as you can.

  4. Use the outline and begin the paper. If you think the outline is ready, there is no reason to wait to begin writing. Keep all of your research nearby so you can find quotes you want to use. Make changes to the outline as you move through the paper. For example, if you write the introductory paragraph and the first body paragraph, you might realize that you need to change something in the second body paragraph. Fix the outline since there are fewer words to repair.

  5. Put the finishing touches on the paper. This is where you will edit and revise to polish the paper. You should also include the works cited page and any extras like abstracts or appendices. You can use a website to help you formulate the works cited page so you do not have to think about the formatting style.
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