Tips For Writing The Methods Section In A Sociology Research Paper

One of the best tips for writing the methods section of your Sociology research paper will mean that you start collecting information long before you are ready to start on the document.

When you are in the planning stage of your work, get a note book and use it as your go-to project diary. What do you put in your diary?

  • The thoughts you have about your topic and your thesis.
  • The planning for your research.
  • Any interesting notes or quotes that you come across in the course of your work on the project.

This diary will save you a lot of time when you are writing the methods section, as all of your information will be in one place. This is far less time consuming than trying to remember where you put that scrap of paper with those really important ideas on.

Remember when you were doing your literature search?

  • You had a list of other research papers that you read though and some of them you felt were interesting and others you discarded but you cannot remember why?
  • In your diary you will have put a quick note by your searches which will save to pull up those documents again.

As the title Methodology suggests you need to be methodological, tell your audience why you decided to change your focus or why you needed to change some of the variables. You need to tell the story in chronological order so that the reader understands that pathway that you have taken.

The Methodology should be the how, why, what and when of your work. But is also needs to relate and to be substantiated by sound sociological empirical evidence. Don’t try to write on one aspect only. Some students in their haste have written up their paper but not of the journey.

Think of your work in the way that a Chef would write up a recipe. If they changed the original recipe they would tell the reader why and what they substituted instead. Just like a Chef, another research should be able to replicate your work by reading your paper.

When you think that you have written the section, read over it several times, as there will be changes and additions. Remember that you need to give the full story including any deviations along the way. Make sure that your work flows in a logical and chronological progression.

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