5 Great Suggestions On How To Write A Research Paper On Gun Violence

Gun violence is one of the most hotly debated subjects in America right now. With those that attribute the rise in violence to the easy availability of firearms pitting themselves against those who believe in the over-arching right of Americans to bear arms. It is also something that those observing from outside struggle to get their heads around. I am referring particularly to countries like the U.K. where the concept of every citizen having the right to carry a weapon would be considered abhorrent.

So, to that end you have struck gold in terms of the topic for your assignment. If you are struggling to get started here are 5 great suggestions provided by My Paper Writer experts on how to write your essay on gun violence:

  • Leave your own opinions at the door
  • With a subject as emotive as this it would be pretty near impossible not to have some kind of opinion as to the root causes of gun violence. That is great, you will have an opportunity to weave your own thoughts in later. For now though the key is to look at this impartially, in order to write a balanced and well thought out essay. You don’t want to appear too heavily prejudiced one way or another.

  • Do some preliminary research
  • Try and do some preliminary research from across the board before choosing the best angle to come at this from. Once you start looking at the statistics you might be surprised at the direction that your research takes you in.

  • Go with your gut
  • You are probably aware of the saying “Your gut never lies.” This is especially true when writing a research paper. An emotive subject like this can throw up all kinds of curveballs and when making your final decisions about the general direction that you are going to take and what you are going to include and exclude, I would definitely urge you to trust your gut.

  • Try and speak to victims
  • There is nothing more powerful than the testimony of a victim. If you are live in an inner-city area of America then you should find it incredibly easy to make contact with a support group who might be willing to let you drop into one of their meetings and maybe meet with survivors.

  • Write with passion
  • This is one of those subjects where passion is called for. Anything else will be a sell-out.

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