Good Advice On Writing A Research Paper About Mark Zuckerberg

He is barely into his 30s and Mark Zuckerberg is being spoken about in the same way as people spoke about Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison. This is a contemporary figure, whom many people have already written about. If you are assigned the homework project of writing a research paper about the founder of Facebook there are some things you ought to keep in mind.

Do Solid Research. There is a lot of stuff written on the Internet in blogs and gossip sites which are not much more than a pack of rumors or outright lies. You jeopardize the integrity of your composition if you rely on such brain candy. Take a look at articles in reputable magazines or blogs have reputation for being accurate. These give a better and more well-informed picture of your subject.

  • Don’t Just Do a Biography. Mark Zuckerberg is the first millennial to become a billionaire. He is an interesting man all by himself and his thoughts and reflections can make for an excellent research paper. There is no need to restate his college days or historical facts. If you concentrate more on his opinions or his causes you will be writing something that people will take notice and want to read.

  • Consider the Style of Writing You Will Use. You can do a comparative analysis where you contrast him against other innovators, or do critical analysis of the business decisions which were made to advance Facebook. The style does not have to be just a narrative, and you should pick the type that will best portray your topic.

  • Always Edit, Revise, and Proofread. This is true with any paper that you decide to do. These are the mechanics of composition, and they are extremely important. You risk a bad grade if you have grammatical errors. It gets even tougher if your text doesn’t make any logical sense. By all means do innovative research, but make sure that the final copy submitted is the best it possibly can be.

The social media world was rocked by what Mark Zuckerberg and his partners did. He will continue to be a force in the global economy for decades to come. You can produce a composition which will deliver a good grade if you make the right effort. This is a very interesting man and he is someone people want to know little bit more about. If you do the research properly you’ll find the information that better rounds out the picture of a modern captain of industry.

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