How To Compose A Brilliant Research Paper About Genocide

Composing a brilliant research paper about genocide begins earlier than the actual writing. Your thought process and organization will contribute into making the paper an excellent one. There are a few steps you need to follow to ensure that your final paper on genocide is impressive to read.

Conduct Background Research

Background study helps you to develop a clear image of the issue you are dealing with. It will assist you in understanding the concept of genocide, where it has occurred, the triggers, resolution and recognition as genocide. It makes it easier to choose an aspect of genocide that you want to focus on. It is crucial in selecting the topic for your paper.

Construct a Thesis

With clear information about the different aspects of genocide, you can construct a thesis statement for your paper. It captures your intended perspective on the issues that need to be highlighted. Most social sciences use the words why and how to construct thesis statements. The statement will provide limits and inform the reader of what to expect from your paper.

Conduct Thorough Research

Academic work must be grounded on facts. Facts on genocide include the dates, the people involved, causes and how it was resolved. Misrepresentation of facts will weaken your paper leading a lower score. Use library resources, news items, journals and reports on human rights. You may also consider history books to ensure that you capture the dates accurately.

Create the First Draft

The stages of writing an excellent research paper on genocide are not clear cut. As you research, you will find information that cannot be ignored until the final compilation. With an outline, you will fill the different sections as you read. Take time to create a first draft that joins all the points and ideas you have gathered so far. It does not have to be complete since it is under construction.

Fill the Blank Areas

With a first draft complete, you can identify areas that have short comings. Refer to the instructions issued in class and identify areas or aspects that are missing in the first draft. Read more or search for specific materials to fill these areas. Check whether the information you have supports your thesis statement. Ensure that the materials you have gathered and arguments you have made flow cohesively from introduction to conclusion.

Editing and proofreading is a crucial part of writing a high quality research paper on genocide. It helps you correct grammatical and typographical errors. Ensure that you complete the work in good time to avoid the last minute rush.

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