15 Controversial Topics for a Research Paper in History

History or the Story Told by Whom?

Since the time children are registered into the public educational institution, the word of the instructors and the authorities on the premises are deemed correct. It is the old, “What they say goes” mantra that allows for the spreading of disinformation and the lowering of integrity to blossom and bloom in society. Such a society can then, therefore, be criticized and judged for its lack of honesty and truthfulness conveyed to the individual members of that particular civilization. The peoples demand for honesty and justice to be served is only meant with opposing resistance from their rulers whom view themselves as separate entities possessed with a superiority complex. History, or the many written accounts of past events throughout the ages, has clearly demonstrated the fight and struggle of various groups of people all over the globe. The story never gets old: there is a ruler or oppressor who controls a set population who have become accustomed to live in perpetual fear. When the uprising of an individual or groups of individuals spark the idea or thought of freedom from the manufactured fear and worry of the ruler or oppressor, the individual or set of individuals are punished usually by the brainwashed minion supporters through strict consequences. This is done as a demonstration to all others that resistance in such a matter will not be taken lightly. Soon the people get tired of the constant fear and worry and begin to realize that freedom can be theirs if they choose to fight the evil which controls them. Revolutions begin, and well, the rest for the lack of better words is history.

Controversy or Fact?

Once upon a time, there existed an age in where an organic grassroots uprising was natural and spontaneous as the weather and the growing of food crops. This unfortunately has gone to pass as a quester to be written about in the history books, as the advancement of technology on the ever so loving behalf of the growing military industrial complex has chosen to implement a surveillance system through the use of DARPA, Google, The National Security Administration, telephone tapping, geoengineering, genetically modified organisms, Monsanto, and the slew of corporately controlled and funded lobbyists that has brought and paid for the members of Congress in the White House. All is not what it seems and yet all is as it seems. To this effect, the controversy surrounding the following topics serve as a reminder to always question the onslaught of the propaganda machine: World War I and II, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, The Civil War, The Nuremberg Trial, The Colonialism of the Americas, The Central Intelligence Agency, The Drug Enforcement Agency, The History of Hemp, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones 322, The Jesuits, The Vatican, ACORN, Child Protection Services, Fluoride, Satanic Ritual Abuse, The Elite Families of the World, etc. Does one really think that thousands of children, men, and women go “missing” each and every year because of coincidence? The White Slavery and Sex Industry thrive on the populace’s ignorance. Do not be fooled! Remember, to dig deeper into the details because the truth could surprise you!

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