Writing A Research Paper Summary: Using Free Examples


Different Models

In using free examples to write a research paper, it would be useful to obtain several different models of research paper summaries, to compare. The student could then outline a brief schematic of what composes a research paper summary.

The Internet

The student can use the Internet to look up research papers and/or research paper summaries to obtain different models of research papers and/or research paper summaries to compare. The student should get an idea of the general composition of a research paper summary.

Research Paper Summary

It would be important to look at what a research paper summary would be composed of. A research paper summary should present the findings of the research. It should summarize the results of the research.

The student should begin by reviewing his paper. He/she should glean the main concepts of the paper. He should get a concept of what the topic was and how it was addressed. It should include a summary or restatement of what method was used to conduct the research. It should tell whether the research was successful or whether it was not successful. It should explain why it was successful or why it was not successful.

Composition of the Summary

The summary, as with the body of the paper should contain a topic sentence, the concluding argument, and the final conclusion. It should state whether the thesis statement was answered or whether it was not answered. It should explain why the answer was forthcoming or why it was not forthcoming.


The research paper summary should provide an evaluation summarizing the success or lack of success of the method used which should be explained in the results. The evaluation should make a determination of whether further research is necessary. The summary should enumerate what questions remain unanswered and how further research could explore the answers to those questions. It should cite areas that need to be further explored.

Free Examples

As far as using free examples for the research paper summary, it would be helpful to use both an authoritative guide to writing research papers or research paper summaries and actual examples of research papers which can be found over the Internet and in the public or school library.

The student could go to the Instructor and or Department of the school he/she is attending and ask for copies of research papers, thereby getting examples of academically acceptable research papers. An authoritative guide, however could give authoritative guidance on the components of a proper research paper summary.

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