Crafting your paper: how to write a thesis proposal

Writing a thesis proposal can get very challenging. Students often find it hard to collect the right kind of information and use the right format and writing style required to compose a research paper. The proposal of thesis needs to be very well-versed and precise. It is the part of your thesis that is evaluated critically by the professor.

Carry out research

Before you sit down to write your proposal it is important that you have enough data with you. By carrying out a research, it means you need to check the works of others. You can read the thesis proposal of your seniors and get help from an assistant in your university. You can search different sites on the internet that provide guidelines to writing a thesis proposal.

Arrange your data

Before you begin you need to make a plan in your mind. Think of all the important points that the reader must be aware of. The proposal is aimed at showing your reader what is your thesis all about and what subject you will aim your research on. You need to get this approved by the dissertation committee or the professor of the particular subject

Make a rough sketch

This tip is not only limited to a proposal for your thesis but, everything that you write must be written in a rough form first. Here you have to draw a skeleton or a web diagram and follow it. Do not worry about the mistakes, short forms and jargons in this portion. You can edit all of this later. Write whatever comes to your mind.

Follow the format

Your instructor must have specified a format for writing a thesis. You need to follow a proper format.

Arrange your paper

The order of your proposal is very important in order to convey a clear message to your reader. The order of the paragraphs must make sense logically.


Once you have written a rough draft you can then convert it into the final version. This is the refined version that you will submit to your professor. Before you proceed it is important that you proof read and edit your proposal. You need to makes sure you don’t make common mistakes that might lead to rejection of your proposal.

Additionally, the scope of work and the topic should be very clear in the proposal.

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