Why Your Essay Should Not Be Too Wordy

Be precise and to the point. Saying what needs to be said in the least amount of words keeps the reader on track. Keep the reader focused on the topic. Using too many words distracts the reader from the message of the essay. Save the wordy descriptions for creative writing assignments.

Be brief

When writing an essay the reader needs to be able to stay focused on the topic. Using too many words will take the reader away from the message. Telling the message in as few words as possible helps the reader stay focused and helps him/her along the article. Keep the descriptions to the point. If it takes too long for the reader to get to the meat of the essay, they will lose interest and stop reading.

Reread and Edit

The best way to ensure the essay isn’t too wordy is to read the essay over and over again. While reading it, take out any unnecessary words or redundant sentences. Condense sentences that are too long or combine sentences. Go over the essay with a fine toothed comb and make sure the sentences are brief and simple. Sometimes it helps to have someone else read over the essay or to read the essay backwards, reading one sentence at a time.

Use strong words and phrases

Use the best words in the sentences so that brief sentences are also extraordinary sentences. For example, instead of writing “very good” write “exceptional.” This will help eliminate wordy sentences but make the sentences very effective. Using strong words will help the reader stay engaged. The idea is to avoid the essay being too wordy; it also should not be too boring.

Reword sentences

When editing the essay, check to see if there are sentences that can be reworded. Sometimes rewording a sentence will make it more concise, reducing some of the wordy phrases. Often times some words can simply be omitted from the essay. The meaning will remain the same but will use less words to convey that meaning.

Don’t stress while writing

When writing an essay, don’t be too concerned whether or not the essay is too wordy. After writing the essay, then edit the essay to eliminate the wordy phrases and words. Rewrite the essay to reduce the wordiness of the essay.

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