Looking for Good Topics for a Research Paper in College

When you are looking for a good topic for your research paper, there are some things that you have to consider before you choose your topic. One thing that you have to take into consideration is, do I believe in this topic? If you pick something that you believe in, your passion for the topic will come across in the paper.

Something else you have to think of, is has it been done before or can I do it better? If you choose a topic that has been done before then you have to make sure you look at it in a different angle and don’t do the same thing that has been done before, make it fresh.

Good Topics for a Research Paper

Before you start looking for your topic you want to make sure that you can find hard facts to back up your topic, you can’t use your opinion as a fact in your paper. This is not how you correctly back up your information.

  • Should the United States lower the age to drink to eighteen? This is a good topic because some believe that if eighteen year olds are old enough to be in the army then drinking at that age should not be a problem.
  • Should animals in sports and entertainment be outlawed? This topic is great for animal rights or how it isn’t harmful for the animals.
  • Have cell phones changed us socially? Everyone has a cell phone now but has is changed the way that we interact with each other.
  • Should church arson be considered a hate crime? Burning a church down is a horrible thing to do but should this be a hate crime because of turmoil between the person and the church?
  • Since civil unions have the same rights as married couples, then why get married? This topic can examine the rights of both parties and you can compare and contrast each to prove if one is better than the other or if they are the same.
  • Should people convicted of felons be allowed to vote? You could argue a time frame of when they should be allowed to vote or if you don’t think they should have the right.
  • Is the food industry killing us with steroids, antibiotics, and pesticides that they use in our food? This is a good one because of the increase of organic foods available on the market today. You can examine how the food is made and how these ingredients help or harm us.
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