Using a thesis topic example for your implement your own ideas 

If you are writing a thesis topic you might not know where to begin. But in order for you to implement your own ideas you need to start with some brainstorming and outline organization. Writing a college research paper and don’t know how to do an outline? Considering skipping it because it doesn’t seem important? Never skip an outline. It helps keep thoughts organized and will help with the overall structure of your paper as a whole.

Regardless of the topic you need to have a good outline. This can be accomplished by both taking notes and organizing those notes during your research.

Step 1: Get to organizing

Using the subheadings that you created earlier in your notes, start to organize your information. Organize your thoughts, quotes, and stats in the way that makes the most logical sense. There might be more than one logical way to organize your information, but stick to whatever way makes the most sense to you. It might be best to focus on four key elements:

  1. Topic
  2. Topic impact
  3. Topic context
  4. Human dimension of the topic

The outline may be the most important part of a paper, even if it doesn’t seem that way in the beginning. It helps to keep structure to the paper and to make sure that the topics in the paper flow together properly. So make sure you start with a good outline and work through the rest of your paper from that point forward.

Once you are ready to start writing your outline you need to include the following sections:

  • Introduction
    • Complete with your thesis statement
  • Body
    • Complete with supporting evidence on notes for each of your main arguments
  • Conclusion
    • Complete with a restatement of your introduction material including your thesis and your findings

If you need to include an abstract or references these should be included in your outline as well for organizational purposes.

Let us review each of these sections in a bit more detail:

  • Introduction: What is the paper about? State your thesis. Tell the audience what you are about to tell them in the paper.
  • Body: Tell the audience what you have to tell them. Provide evidence that backs up your introduction.
  • Conclusion: Tell them what you just told them. Restate your thesis and get everything out in the open.
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