Rules to Observe: How to Write a Term Paper

The main objective of writing a term paper is to enable people to read your works in a selective manner. The reader may just be interested in the methods you may have adopted or look for a particular result. Similarly, the reader may be interested in your interpretation or just look at the summary to understand whether it has any relevance to his or her study. This is precisely why you need different sections in a term paper. However, there are certain exceptions to this. Make sure that the term paper is written as per the guidelines and meets all the laid down specifications.

Editorial Requirements

There are certain rules that guide the way you write a term paper. Every paper has its own editorial requirement and students are required to understand the specifications beforehand. Let us understand what these editorial guidelines are. Firstly, ensure that your paper is readable. For this,

  • Use a 12 point standard font like Bookman, Geneva, Times, etc
  • Text to be single sided and double spaced, with one inch margins
  • Begin each section on a fresh page
  • Adhere to the prescribed page limits

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are certain common mistakes that most students make when writing their term papers. Given below are a few aspects that you can avoid so that your paper is as per the editorial guidelines.

  • Do not place a heading at the bottom part of the page and follow it up with the text on the next page
  • Do not submit a research paper without proper page sequencing
  • Ensure that each supporting figure or table is shown in a single page
  • Avoid addressing the reader directly
  • Avoid informal words
  • Avoid slang words, jargon and other similar terms
  • Avoid using unwanted pictures

Writing Guidelines

When writing a term paper, ensure that you stick to the following:

  • Use simple prose for easy comprehension
  • Focus only on the research topic and do not deviate
  • Make use of paragraphs to highlight each point
  • Ensure that your points are presented in a lucid manner
  • Write in the present tense particularly when talking of well established facts
  • Write in the past tense when describing a particular result

Sticking to rules can help you write effectively and help you reach out to your audience without much difficulty. A well written paper enables in putting your point of view across in a strong manner.

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