Choosing and narrowing thesis paper topics for college

The selection of your topic will play a massive part in the direction your thesis will take. Changing it mid way is not an option as it will completely turn around every aspect of the whole paper. So where does one start when attempting to take such a critical step in your writing process? Well, what you will find is that the best route to take is to come up with several topics, and to then use an elimination method that narrows it down to the most fitting—and researchable—one.

Picking several topics

Writing down a bunch of potential topics means that you should be open to trying out bad ones too. The bad topics often give you good ideas for better ones, so just write down the first thing that comes to mind. Once you have about forty different topics, you can start the elimination process. Consider using the Triple-R method when eliminating bad topics and keeping the good ones.

Is my topic Relevant

Relevance really depends on how you view your topic. If you decide to keep a topic on your list, make sure you can successfully defend its relevance to the reader. A nice little twist will always keep the reader interested, so consider short-listing topics that contain the potential to add an unexpected turn in the discussion.

Is my topic Researchable yet original?

Any topics that seem like they’ve been over discussed should be scratched out. A common topic can really kill the originality of your thesis. On the other hand, you should also disregard topics that are too rare to even research sufficiently. You wouldn’t want to get halfway through your paper only to realize that you have nothing left to explore.

Is my topic well-Rounded?

Do the topics you are left with explore the subject from all angles? A thesis is always better when it weighs up and discusses all the options. Anything less will give the impression of a bias viewpoint. Always anticipate hypothetical arguments so that your reader can get a full view of what the entire discussion entails. If you are left with any topics that don’t allow for this angled approach, scrap them.

Once you are done, you will have free run to choose the topic that you feel you will enjoy writing on the most.

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